10 Dec, 2019

Why silicon Valley Finale is the best finale EVER?

I have watched finale where I feel like I just wasted 8 years of my life. You know what I am talking about. Ahech bee ohh. *coughs* *twice*

But that was fiction. Silicon valley, I have been following this series since the trailer dropped on youtube and the motion graphics of it was breathtaking, being a geek it raised my breath seeing all the logos. *Looks for a tissue* (Not to wipe tears.)

Cut the chase to present the last episode in particular, writers changed their perspective of storytelling. They chose to show all the characters describing the events in the past at the same time showing what they are doing currently. The fact that the end was not over fashioned or over exaggerated to show something way big or way bad happened to them.

It was a satisfying watch to see that we don’t have to have pressure of accomplishing in society and it will all turn out well for us in the end.

It was the purest joy to see them fail and succeed and fail and then fail at failing and then fail.

That’s it. Thanks.

BY Dhaval Kalsariya

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